What do you want raised at your next LPC meeting?

Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee would like to raise and discuss issues that concern you at their next meeting. If you have anything you would like raised at this meeting please complete the survey monkey link below.

LPC meetings are open to observers and we especially encourage community pharmacy contractors and their team members to join us and find out what we do. Should you wish to attend an LPC meeting as an observer in person or by video, this needs to be pre-arranged.

Email us at: LPC@communitypharmacyss.co.uk.

Invitation for local contractor feedback for your upcoming LPC meeting

Please find the questions and issues already raised for at previous LPC meetings. (these will always be kept anonymous on our website below).

Question: Tell us about any specific issues you would like raised for consideration at your next LPC meeting?

Answer 1: I want the pharmacy bodies to consider allowing pharmacies to open with competent staff and allowing a competent pharmacist to supervise via remote access for sales of medication and pick up of medications. Any issues, then staff can contact the RP eg. patient questions and supervising potential inappropriate sales. GP’s and nurses are working via different methods adapting to the current pandemic. We must look to the future and adopt new ways of working in the current staff shortages and over priced locum scenarios. This will bankrupt small independent pharmacies closing vital lifelines for local communities.

Question: Do you have any other comments to make?

Answer 1: Help us before we lose our homes and livelihoods, help us to keep small independent pharmacies alive.