GPhC inspections: our LPCs distribute guide to help contractors get their teams ready

Last week we heard that more than 300 unannounced inspections have already been carried out by the GPhC under their new regime.  Although this figure relates to the whole country we are aware that inspectors are active in Surrey and Sussex. 

Here is our guide for local contractors to help them get their teams ready

The new system for the inspection of registered pharmacists was introduced on 1 April 2019 and early feedback to your LPCs from contractors already  inspected has been insightful, with most suggesting a positive experience. Here’s what we understand so far and our recommended actions for our contractors:

We understand that: We recommend you

Some inspectors will challenge the detail of evidence and activity levels of Locally Commissioned Services and/or the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework


  • Have details of locally commissioned services to hand (see below) and be prepared to show them to the inspector
  • Please contact us immediately if the inspector has any issues relating to locally commissioned services. Telephone 01372 417726 
  • Also contact us on this number to discuss any concerns you may have about your report that relate to the community pharmacy contractual framework.
It may not be clear on the inspection report what information will be published into the public domain
  • Get clarity on this from the inspector before they leave the building
  • If you are not happy with the feedback given at the end of the inspection you should feel free to ‘challenge’ any findings you think they are inaccurate. Some colleagues have told us that this has resulted in inaccurate detail being changed and/or moved-out of the section that it to be published.

Commenting on the new-look inspection scheme James Wood, chief executive officer,  said:

“The majority of registered pharmacies should not be unduly daunted by the prospect of an unannounced inspection.

“But, the new GPhC approach will require everyone to be organised and in constant readiness for an inspection.” 

A link to the guide was emailed directly to contractors on, or around, 6.20pm on 24 May.

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