New video shows how community pharmacies can support young adult carers with the medicines they collect and help administer

The video, called Young Adult Carers and Pharmacy Supportwas produced in close collaboration with Carer Leads in Surrey Heartlands and features two young adult carers, one caring for her mum with mental health problems and the other for her brother with Down’s syndrome. There’s also input from Community Pharmacy Surrey and Sussex about what community pharmacists can do to help carers like these manage medicines more effectively.

There’s around 400,000 young adult carers in the UK aged between 16 and 25 and being a young adult carer can have a significant impact on a young person’s life. Besides looking after day to day needs, young adult carers often have sole responsibility for medicines. This can involve collecting and giving them as well as getting help if there are any problems with the medicines.

James Wood, CPSS  chief executive, is delighted that we could be involved with the production of this much needed video:

“It highlights the extensive support that community pharmacies are so well placed to offer young adult carers. We hope it will help carers across the country ask pharmacists for the help they need, when they have responsibility for medicines”, he said.

The video is launched today (31 January) to coincide with Young Carers Awareness Day, which this year is focusing on caring for people with mental health issues.

Watch the video:

Rosemont Pharmaceuticals supported the production of this video.

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