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Lateral flow testing supervised service pharmacy collect and supervised service

Pharmacy collect

COVID-19 lateral flow antigen tests allow the detection of people with high levels of the COVID-19 virus, making them effective in identifying individuals who are most likely to transmit the virus, including those not showing symptoms.

The test kits will be provided free of charge to people requesting them.

This service, which pharmacy contractors can choose to provide, as long as they meet the necessary requirements, aims to improve access to COVID-19 testing by making lateral flow device (LFD) test kits readily available at community pharmacies for asymptomatic people, to identify COVID-positive cases in the community and break the chain of transmission.

The service is part of the Government’s offer of lateral flow testing to all people in England and it works alongside NHS Test and Trace’s other COVID-19 testing routes

Changes to the service from 4th October 2021

Amendments to the service have been agreed and an updated version of the service specification was issued to contractors on 9th September 2021 via NHS England and NHS Improvement regional teams. The revised service specification is also available to download via the NHS Business Services Authority website.

Key changes

Changes have been made to the service to support the need for increase traceability of test kits and to continue to assist NHS Test and Trace with efforts to identify COVID-positive cases in the community and break the chain of transmission. The changes to the service specification apply from 4th October 2021 and they include:

  • A reduction in the number of packs of test kits contractors can supply to two per transaction
  • The introduction of the requirement for citizens to register for a collect code via gov.uk/get-collect-code or 119 prior to making a collection from a pharmacy;
  • If citizens do not wish to register for a collect code, a supply can still be made as an anonymous collection, but people should be encouraged to use collect codes wherever possible;
  • Changes to the information to be captured and reported for each transaction: test kit lot number and quantity supplied;
  • A preference for daily entry of data to support NHS Test and Trace to identify areas of COVID-19 testing demand, support traceability and enable stock management, with a minimum requirement to enter data each week;
  • Additional guidance on stock control and quality control of test kits, with insight into how NHS Test and Trace will review contractor stockholding;
  • A reduction in the minimum recommended age for a person to collect LFD test kits to 16 years; and
  • Changes to the funding arrangements of the service.

When the updated service requirements come into effect on 4th October 2021, contractors already providing the service must comply with the new requirements unless they decide to stop providing the service and give notice.

A service fee of £1.20 + an allowance for VAT per transaction for anonymous collection and £1.70 for 16 digit coded collection. This payment will be made based on declarations submitted by the contractor on the MYS portal.

Supervised LFT

This Service aims to identify asymptomatic residents through a purposeful approach to community testing, which will require those that are spreading the virus unknowingly, to isolate.

Referrals will be people self-referring via the LFT Booking Portal. These will be made by booking an available slot at the community pharmacy for a specific date and time. Colleagues providing the service must complete the relevant training outlined in the service specification

Payments will be made at a rate of £10 for each completed test reported

Lung Cancer Service

Local Pharmacy Early Identification of Symptomatic Lung Cancer Patients The anticipated impact of this change would be to try to reduce the numbers of late, emergency presentations for patients with lung cancer in Sussex – targeting areas for lung cancer such as Hastings and Crawley in the first instance.

Stores in Crawley can refer X-ray examinations for Chest X-ray direct

Service currently ends 31.3.22

Local defined outcomes

  • A reduction in the numbers of late, emergency presentations for patients with lung cancer in the Crawley area.
  • An increase in GP referral activity for Lung Cancer up to and beyond levels seen prior to COVID.
  • An increase in the number of patients who stop smoking.
  • Prevention of early deaths and patients dying undiagnosed of cancer.

Providers will be paid;

  • £250 per patient facing pharmacist trained to be paid upon completion of training which covers;
    • Cancer training delivered by the cancer Clinical Lead and recommended online courses.
    • Remainder of the day in pharmacy preparation, set up time and planning.
  • £25 per patient assessed and referred onwards for chest x-ray or to GP which covers;

30 minutes total time including admin and follow up.

Appendix A form used and referral processes above completed.

  • £20 per patient assessed which covers;

20 minutes total time recognizing the lesser activity required assessing but not sending on for chest x-ray using the PharmOutcomes link.

Here is the specification which includes the appendix documentation.

How to Claim Funding

Providers should invoice the CCG for the training cost element after the completion of training using the claim form in Appendix C.

Claims for activity undertaken are to be invoiced at the end of the contract period and to be based upon the agreed rates using fully completed claim forms in Appendix D.

For more information visit our locally commissioned page here.

MHRA Information & safety alerts

The Central Alerting System (CAS) is a web-based cascading system for issuing patient safety alerts, important public health messages and other safety critical information and guidance to the NHS and others, including independent providers of health and social care.  Alerts available on the CAS website include safety alerts, CMO messages, drug alerts, Dear Doctor letters and Medical Device Alerts.

The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) also sends alerts. Contractors can sign up to receive information direct to their email in-boxes.

MHRA’s alerts and recalls for drugs and medical devices  |  Drug Safety Update (a monthly newsletter for healthcare professionals  |  MHRA’s new publications, statistics, consultations and announcements.

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Manage your service (MYS)

The ‘Manage your service’ (MYS) portal aims to reduce the administrative burden on community pharmacies by providing one portal to complete reimbursement and remuneration tasks and it’s going to be the only way contractors can claim for certain services

Pharmacies need to sign-up to use the portal. by completing an access authorisation form

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See ‘B’ for blister pack

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Media enquiries

There is a very high level of media interest about pharmacy locally and nationally.

If you are contacted by the media you, of course, have full authority to comment, but be sure to consult your organisational policy first!

However, you might prefer to refer them on to the LPC (local pharmaceutical committee) or contact us to help you decide on a course of action and agree a statement.

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Medicines management teams

CCGs have teams of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work closely with community pharmacy, GPs and other local health providers to help get the best out of medicines for local people. These medicines management teams also support their CCG’s aim to improve the health of the population by optimising the use of medicines

Contact details for medicines management teams in Surrey and Sussex

Mind the gap handbook - clinical guide to signs and symtoms in black and brown skin

Mind the Gap Handbook, is a clinical guide to signs and symptoms in black and brown skin, which was produced to address the lack of diversity in medical literature and education. 

Download the Handbook from here

Modern slavery

This toolkit, jointly developed by STOP THE TRAFFIK and Shiva Foundation, seeks to provide practical guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on how they can prevent modern slavery in their business operations.

The toolkit has practical steps on how your SME suppliers can assess their company’s risks; mitigate the risks affecting their employees and their agency staff as well as how to report and remedy any incidents. Please feel free to pass this on to your SME suppliers and networks.

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The generic NHS App  allows people to see their medical records — including vaccinations — and test results are shared with GP databases.

For more information

    • The generic NHS App more specific NHS Covid-19 App
    • The NHS App is now available to use as a vaccine passport.  There have been many queries from patients and the public into how to download and use this, so here is a guide: NHS App FINAL

NHS Business Services Authority

The NHS Business Services Authority is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care. It provides central services to NHS bodies, patients and the public, such as managing the NHS pension scheme and administering payments to pharmacists and dentists.

Dispensing Contractors – information  |  Drug Tariff  |  Prescribing & dispensing  |  Submitting prescriptions  |   Payments & pricing  |  Serious shortage protocols (SSPs)  |   Hints, tips & webinars  |  Pharmacies, GP practices and appliance contractors news

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NHS England and NHS Improvement – South East Region

Pharmacy and Optometry Senior Commissioning Manager: Bekithemba Mhlanga

For all enquires please email: england.southeastcommunitypharmacy@nhs.net

NHS England and NHS Improvement – South East

York House

18-20 Massetts Road

Horley, Surrey


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NHS website (formerly NHS choices)

The NHS website  is the primary public facing website of the NHS. Its pages include directories of local health services (a Directory of Services), information on a wide range of conditions and treatments and accessible public health information. The site also provides comparative data about healthcare providers, to help people make informed choices about their healthcare and allows patients to provide online feedback on services.

It is a requirement of contractors terms of service to ensure they verify and, where necessary, update the information contained in their NHS website profile and their Directory of Services (DoS) profile at least once each quarter of the financial year.  

Even if no changes have been made during the financial quarter, contractors should still verify this information on both the NHS website and DoS; this will create records which will act as evidence to NHS England and NHS Improvement that these actions have been undertaken. 

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NHS mail (NHS.net)

NHSmail is a centrally funded and managed secure email and communications service which is approved by the NHS for exchanging patient data.

To set up NHS Mail, register via the community pharmacy NHSmail registration portal https://portal.nhs.net/pharmacyregistration#/. You need to provide the name, email addresses and mobile phone number of each team member that will be allocated a personal NHSmail account (once you have located your pharmacy on the registration page – have your GPhC premises number handy too). Note if you work for a multiple pharmacy group – please check with your head Office for their own internal procedures for obtaining a NHS e-mail address.

          Guide to link shared & personal mailboxes

If you have any issues during the process, please contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net, who will support you through the process.

Read more: Guide for Pharmacies (NHSmail-March-2017-1)  |  About NHSmail  |  Start using NHSmail  |  Security  |  Guidance for sending secure email (including to patients)  |  Related pages 

For more information

    • Pharmacy helpdesk: pharmacyadmin@nhs.net should be your first point of contact for help with your account, such as unlocking your account or a password reset.
    • NHSmail helpdesk: For all other queries regarding NHSmail, the national NHSmail helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0333 200 1133, or via email at helpdesk@nhs.net.
    • NHS mail and PQS (pharmacy quality scheme 2019+)
    • Contact us at lpc@communitypharmacyss.co.uk

NHS Service Finder

NHS Service Finder is for health care professionals. It is not open to the public but NHSmail users can speedily obtain login details.

The tool enables pharmacy teams to look-up non-public telephone numbers (where available) for listed services, such as general practices.

All contractors are urged to sign-up and bookmark the webpage (https://finder.directoryofservices.nhs.uk/

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For more information see our advanced services page here.

Newsletter (news relevant to Surrey and Sussex)

Every week we compile and distribute a round-up of news and updates to help pharmacy owners and managers in Surrey and Sussex keep up to date with their LPCs and their wider network of professional acquaintances, colleagues and local commissioners.

This is additional to nationally significant news and information distributed by PSNC

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Opening hours

NHS England is responsible for overseeing opening hours for pharmacies, which is handled locally by its regional offices.

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