LPCs urge all contractors to make sure they are HLP compliant

Ignoring the importance of adequate employee training could severely impact business performance, team morale, financial turnover, your ability to attract and retain good employees and compromise the terms of your NHS contract – that’s the message from Sussex and Surrey LPCs this week as we join forces with partner pharmacy bodies to make sure contractors have ample staff trained for the healthy living pharmacy elements of the national contract

 As healthy living pharmacies (HLP) contractors must have at least one full-time equivalent employee trained as a qualified health champion – usually a healthcare or medicines counter assistant –  yet many contractors across Sussex and Surrey may have overlooked this for their public-facing healthcare staff due to the pressures of the pandemic.

It’s important to be reminded that training employees no longer needs to be time-consuming and expensive, especially when there’s FREE training available.

We have joined forces with Health Education England (HEE) South East Schools of Public Health, HEE South School of Pharmacy and award winning HLP specialists Pharmacy Complete to help you train up to three employees to be health champions with easily accessible training that they can take at their leisure. There is no cost for this training – it’s FREE!

As long as they have access to the internet, your employees can conduct their training anywhere/anytime.

Background information

  • Many pharmacies in Sussex and Surrey have previously met the HLP requirements, following local commissioning from public health or through the pharmacy quality scheme.
  • Following the laying of new NHS regulations  on 20th October 2020, the HLP requirements became Terms of Service requirement for ALL pharmacies from 1 January 2021.