Pharmacy First Networking Event

On the evening of Wednesday the 10th of April, Community Pharmacy Surrey and Sussex hosted an in-person Pharmacy First networking event. We invited all the contractors across Surrey and Sussex and had a great turnout!

During the evening, we heard the accounts of two pharmacists and their experience with Pharmacy First so far. We had the opportunity to network in smaller groups, opening up discussions around challenges to the service and how to overcome them.

Prior to the event, we sent out a feedback form gathering information around what challenges contractors are facing, how they have overcome them, and we welcomed ‘top tips’. We had an excellent response to this, and we were able to share these findings at the networking event.

Our attendees found these tips invaluable, and we have had high demand to share these with our wider network.

We’d like to thank our two speakers who gave useful insights to their experience of the service as well as offering ideas for implementing processes to improve service provision.

Thank you to all who attended the event and thank you for your contributions. It was great to see members of our pharmacy teams coming together to share their experiences. As community pharmacists we are often used to working in silos and this event truly showed the value of engaging, interacting, and working with our fellow pharmacy teams. Let’s continue to work together, share best practice, and continue to make Pharmacy First a success!

The presentation from the event can be found here.