Introduction to Pharmacy Careers Map

Health Education England in collaboration with Community Pharmacy Surrey & Sussex, and Kent LPC have developed an interactive Pharmacy Careers Map to promote a career in pharmacy. The website is now live and can be found here

Map Objectives: 

1. Provide current and future pharmacists with information related to:

  • Career opportunities are available to them
  • The education and training requirements of these roles
  • How to transition between pharmacy roles

2.Support undergraduates and Trainee Pharmacists with decision making around their career.

3.Develop a product that can be used by careers advisors, parents, college students to generate an insight into pharmacy careers.

4.Create a platform to champion pharmacy roles in KSS.

5.Prompt an understanding of the wider healthcare system particularly across the ICS.

Share the website to:

1.Promote pharmacy as a career option

2.Inspire students to want to pursue a career in pharmacy

3.Showcase the varied roles and impact the profession has on patients and public

4.Champion pharmacy careers in Kent Surrey and Sussex



2.Current Pharmacist workforce

3.Any organisations/stakeholders in the region that would benefit from using/sharing resource

How can you get involved?

  • You can engage with as many posts/ channels as appropriate for you.
  • We’d love to see support above and beyond the content (social copy, newsletter copy, and creative assets)

Additional ideas could include: Website takeovers, Online polls/ quizzes, College and student networks, Events, Lunch and learn internal events and Local media engagement.

Assets to promote

1.Social Media cards (IG, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

  • Download from here:
  • Use following # /@: #pharmacycareers #pharmacistcareers #pharmacycareersmap #choosepharmacy #worldpharmacistday #CPC @HealthEducationEngland @NHSHealthcareers @LaSE @Shabina_Azmi @ShaneCostigan @CPSS @KentLPC @NHS


  • Study pharmacy and open a world of opportunity
  • Want to find out more about a career in pharmacy?
  • Want a rewarding career?

3.A3 poster

If you have any questions please contact: LaSE Pharmacy