Medicines management teams

ICSs have teams of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who work closely with community pharmacy, GPs and other local health providers to help get the best out of medicines for local people. These teams are called medicines management teams (or “meds management”).

The medicines management team uses its experience and knowledge of medicines to ensure that patients in their ICS area get the medicines they need to effectively manage their condition(s).

The teams also support the ICSs aim to improve the health of the population by optimising the use of medicines through:

  • Promoting the safe, evidence based and cost-effective use of medicines
  • Providing up to date, unbiased information about medicines, treatments and care pathways
  • Supporting practitioners and patients to make best use of medicines
  • Minimising the harm caused by medicines
  • Developing local guidelines and care pathways to optimise the management of conditions
  • Collaborating with community pharmacy, local hospital trusts and other healthcare providers to support these aims

More information


Surrey Heartlands

  • The medicines management teams at Surrey Heartlands ICS produce a monthly newsletter called Medicine Management Matters, which we try to circulate with our regular newsletters. Contact the team if you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive it directly.
  • The Surrey Prescribing Advisory Database (‘PAD’) is an innovative resource which can be accessed by healthcare professionals in primary and secondary care and by patients. The PAD provides guidance and key information on medicines use within Surrey. You can search by medicine, condition or NICE technology appraisal. The PAD is maintained by members of the Medicines Management Teams who provide services to the local Integrated Care System.



For Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2021/22 you will need awareness of the local antibiotic formularies. Please find the local links below: 

  • For Surrey Heartlands Pharmacies, information here.
  • For Frimley Pharmacies, information here.
  • For Coastal West Sussex Pharmacies, information here.
  • For Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex Pharmacies, information here.
  • For Brighton and Hove and High Weald Lewes and Havens pharmacies, information here.
  • For Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford and Hastings and Rother pharmacies areas, information here.